Burping Bubbles Marathon Runners Mistake Soap For Candy Bars

Beside Qingyuan Marathon, there were another three marathons held in other Chinese cities last Sunday. Marathon running is a booming sport in that is seen as cool, especially among young people. Still, there’s not much awareness about training, and the events aren’t organized well.


“At 2pm, his colleague called me saying that he was sent to the ICU during the marathon. He had been in a coma for three hours … and in a life-threatening condition.”


My brother He Yanqing participated in Qingyuan Marathon and his number was C2674,” Weibo user He Meili wrote in one of several posts after learning that her brother was among the 23 runners reported by People’s Daily who were hospitalized.


Over 12,000 seek medical help in S China’s marathon, some mistook soap in gift pack as food https://t.co/RWCzq4jsuH — People’s Daily,China (@PDChina)