Flooding In North Florida After Hurricane

Storm damage and Florida total one and a half billion or more in North Florida and this year in two East Coast storm of forging, according to the latest figures from the insurance sector and the country.

Fema Figure damages and Agriculture and State-held local government without money nothing is not included. In addition, State Emergency Management Director, said the numbers are still preliminary and part depends on the State of the resources and future.
However, the costs associated with Hurricane Hermine and the storm Matthew recent flood damage Cocoa which State is expected to significantly short of the highway the FAA and the Federal agencies on emergency management, the highest casualty from the much more expensive rain-storms in 2004 and 2005, the Division of emergency management Director Bryan Koon told members of the Senate Committee for the Fund Thursday.
This is to be expected. The flood damage Mims has is our most expensive disaster, Koon said as outlined in damages to the State Agency.
Damage caused by Hurricane Hermine, people from the coast in a sparsely populated part of Big Bend and tore through Tallahassee in early September for about $213,600,000. The total includes 147 million dollars of personal damage claims were reported up to the Office of insurance regulation.
The looks of of the Arial flood damage New Smyrna Beach was more powerful storm Matthew, who remains in the sea but the damage on 6 October and 7 October in Northeast Florida, clocks in at 1,376 billion.
By comparing the University of Florida Bureau of economic and business research rated the damage from the hurricane season of 2004, in which the four hurricanes hit the State in 45 billion dollars.
Common Matthew includes 112,000 personal damage claims around the area of flood damage St Johns, accounting for 729 million dollars in value. : Volusia, Brevard, Duval, St. Johns and Flagler counties constitute the most love.
Matthew figures include $430,800,000 for damage to government institutions and structures, including the 1.3 mile stretch damage Florida A1A in Flagler Beach, this led Governor Rick Scott to Order, quick fix or not.
Koon said the shares of the costs of flood damage in Titusville caused by the storm is expected to be offset by the money from the local government and the federal contribution.

“First, we want to focus on the immediate protection needed for the structure, we want to see the project can be done in a timely fashion, Alex Reed, program administrator for the Environmental Protection Department of the beach said the financial management for the aid program. Cost estimation will be clarified when we get more data and identify federal resources as the local sponsor to prepare their plans for storm repairs.
Hermine will be direct costs the country about 9.6 million dollars of emergency safeguard measures for the removal of debris, with the contribution of over $5 million local.
Matthew might ask about $130.3 million in the country, an image including 77 million was requested from the legislature in 2017 estimated 217 million $ in the beach, dunes and garden repair Duval through Indian River County.
The State expects to receive $100 million to $90 million from the Federal Government for the hard infrastructure projects from the disaster in the future, he said Koon.