Building a WordPress Site With Godaddy

Creating a website with GoDaddy is pretty easy with the following steps.  I prefer to use a WordPress Installation instead of the default free website builder in GoDaddy.

  1. Get a domain (on Sale) and  or Linux hosting from Godaddy. (On sale for $1 to try)

Linux hosting is a must because in order to run WordPress you must have Linux hosting.  You can pick the cheapest hosting and move up from there if your site starts getting more traffic.

Also if it’s your first time building a site with Godaddy or using Godaddy always connect your main domain to your hosting account.

  1. Installing WordPress on Godaddy.

Go to your hosting account, this is found under name at the top right and then choose products and hosting.




  1. Click on manage your hosting account.

You should see this screen.


  1. Click on WordPress in your Godaddy hosting panel, you will be take to an application screen that looks like the image below.


  1. Click install. You will see the next screen below.


Pick your admin name and password.  Don’t use the default “admin” as login. Always make it unique to avoid bots looking for the username “Admin.”  It avoids spam.

Click OK to install.

  1. Godaddy should send you instructions on how to log into your site to start building it. You can also  log into your site by entering your  This will also take you to your login screen.

Godaddy is user-friendly when in comes to building your own website.  If you are new at building websites are experienced, you’ll find that installing WordPress on your new Godaddy Domain to be easy.

I hope you enjoyed and found the following steps helpful.   Also remember to check out the deals on Godaddy hosting and domains if you haven’t. You can find the deals right here.